The Prayers That Have Gone Before Me

We have had some rough nights at our house. My four year old daughter has been experiencing night terrors and the constant sleep disruption has been wearing…not just for her, but for me as well. And she and I have been fighting each other because sleepless nights make for tired days.

I’ve been cherishing The Valley of Vision for these mornings. This collection of Puritan prayers is timeless, because when I don’t have the words, I murmur the prayers that have gone before me.

“Halo my path with gentleness and love, smooth every asperity of temper…may I strive to bind up every wound.”

Voyage, The Valley of Vision


Where my soul feels jagged, surround me. When my responses feel hot and harsh, bring me to balance. These prayers have given me the language to ask for what I need in those moments of motherhood overwhelm. And perhaps it might give you the words you need for this Monday.

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