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I have chronically dry skin and I live in Colorado. Bless. And when winter comes, it is a very sad time for my poor skin! This year has been particularly bad and nothing I have tried has worked. My usual tricks that I preach about were failing left and right. I wore gloves when cleaning, I extended my robust skincare routine to my hands, I used serums on my hands, and I added facial oils to my hand creams. But at a certain point, my cracked and bleeding skin went beyond the point of redemption. Was I just forever doomed to have old lady wrinkly hands? Say it isn’t so!

And then one day, as I was washing dishes, I reached to wash a left over lunch container. As I went to scrape out the beef fat into the trash, a memory was triggered…wasn’t beef fat called tallow and wasn’t that good for the skin or something? Before I knew it, in spirit of desperation, I scooped out all of it and lobbed it on my hands. It was gross, but also oddly soothing. I washed it off after 10 minutes and I was shocked. My hands looked better and my hands felt better. And thus began the quest for tallow.

What Makes Tallow So Magical?

Well, I’m so glad you asked, because after my desperate experiment, I went on all sorts of google bunny trails to find out what had just happened. Grass-fed beef tallow (rendered beef fat) contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, and vitamin E, all of which are essential players in skin health. But in addition to having all those powerhouse ingredients, tallow is also closer to our own cellular make up, so it is more compatible and therefore more healing. I think this is why tallow is considered the silver bullet for compromised skin (either extremely dry or with eczema) because it can nourish the skin in ways that cremes and lotions cannot.  

Ways to Apply

I use it about twice a day, once in the morning, right after I do my skincare routine. And in the evening, after a shower, when my skin is still moist (helps lock in the moisture). The product is still comprised of fat and oils, so I try to make sure that it has absorbed into my skin before I put on clothes, or touch anything that I don’t want to stain. It doesn’t take long! You also don’t need very much product…a little does go a long way! 

Product Options

I have been using the Original Tallow Balm by Toups and Co (in the 2 oz size), which is scented the organic essentials oils of lavender, bergamot, frankincense and sandalwood. It smells divine and I wish I could figure out how to diffuse that combination
in my house! There is a Sweet Girl Tallow Balm which is scented with marjoram, chamomile, ylang, ylang, spruce and frankincense. I think I’m going to try that one next. And if you aren’t into fragrance, they also have an unscented option.

My hands have been brought back from the brink. They are no longer cracked and bleeding…and have lost that “crepey” paper look! Now they look hydrated and healed. Tallow has been my silver bullet to fight the extreme winter dry skin, so I highly recommend for you to try it out too! Just put some beef fat on that. *wink*

**I am using grass-fed tallow from Toups and Co., which you can find by using this link: http://www.toupsandco.com/marieshabraley/

**I get a small commission if you purchase using this link, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for choosing to shop with me! 

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