Spring is Coming

Spring has been long in coming…not just in Colorado, but for my soul. There is so much joy that comes with having a rainbow baby (after two consecutive miscarriages), that I just assumed that I would bounce back quickly and be able to throw myself fully back into life, creativity, and writing again. 

But I had underestimated how arduous that winter was. Because after a journey of loss and pain that spans a couple of years, the soul needs time to come alive again. Spring for the soul also has its own fits and starts…there are signs of life and then a blizzard comes through. And shifting the heavy wet soil of our heart to make room for new things is hard work too. 

Perhaps this is you as well…navigating out of your dark night of the soul. Let me encourage you…the green shoots of life will become more frequent and the wintery squalls of pain will lessen. Spring might feel long in coming, but it is coming.


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