End of the Two Week Wait

The last couple of days of the two week wait were especially brutal. I couldn’t obsessively take pregnancy tests and wait for the double line to appear…because I am using hCG as part of our treatment plan, I had to wait for blood work to show what my hCG levels were doing. The blood draw was scheduled for Wednesday, on my Peak day +14.

But on Tuesday, I started spotting. Could it be implantation bleeding or was my period starting? Don’t you love how the symptoms for both are exactly the same! Its enough to make a girl go wild. Which I basically did.

I went to LabCorp first thing on Wednesday to get my blood drawn and the dramatic tension continued. I was spotting, nauseous, tired, and confused. Was this a good thing or a bad thing?

By Thursday morning, I was experiencing a full bleed. It was all over and I had my answer. I called my clinic to see what the lab results had been because I just needed the closure. But they hadn’t arrived yet.

Friday afternoon, I got a call from my clinic. A very kind nurse told me that Labcorp had lost my test results. There was no record of them. She was so apologetic and hopeful that they would eventually turn up. As of yet, they still haven’t turned up.

I am feeling better than I was. It’s interesting how disappointment can hit you in waves. I was doing badly on Thursday night and then felt so much better over the weekend. But Tuesday morning, I was so sad and overwhelmed and wanted to eat and shop my feelings. The continual highs and lows are emotionally exhausting.

So, we are saying hello to a new cycle…and hopefully this one will be successful! I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. Sometimes those days of waiting can seem so extremely long. And then, to have your results misplaced… uh. xo Love you darlin”

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