5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Toddler

toddler valentines day

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One of my most precious memories growing up was how my mom celebrated events. From birthdays to holidays, she made an effort to make those days feel special and worth remembering. And Valentine’s Day was no different…she always made a big to-do with heart shaped cakes and pretty cards.

There’s something about celebrating that is so enriching to our lives…and while Valentine’s day may feel overly commercialized, I will always remember it as a sweet time of connection with my mom. So, now I have my own little girl, I’ve been considering ways to make Valentine’s day a fun time for both of us…so, here are just five simple but meaningful ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your toddler!

1. Decorate the Living Room/Kitchen

In whatever room your family gathers in, spruce it up with some V-day decor! Pick out some paper heart doilies to tape on cabinet doors and find/make a simple garland! Add some cute graphic dishtowels and pretty fresh flowers. The Dollar Store, Amazon and Target all have such cheap options and you can always reuse them next year! There is just something about adding little touches that just make things festive!

toddler valentines day

2. Make Cards for Family Members

Grandparents especially would love a Valentines day card from their favorite little! A store bought card with their scribble will do, or you can help them make one from construction paper! But the art of giving cards is such a sweet tradition to instill early on.

3. Make a Heart Shaped Treat

I loved the memory of making something special for Valentine’s day. Whether its a heart shaped cake or red velvet cupcakes, just being together in the kitchen is such a sweet way of connecting. You can find heart shaped silicone baking cups here and a heart shaped cake pan here.

toddler valentines day
Covered in carpet fibers and heart stickers!

4. Do a V-Day Themed Craft

You can sit with them and make cards for their little friends (or grandparents!) or put together gift bags for neighbors. I especially love painting or coloring with my daughter. We use this craft book and this paint set.

5. Have a special outfit

It doesn’t have to be extravagant…a pink graphic shirt, or heart pajamas, or a mommy and me outfit if you are into that kind of thing. Its just a fun way to commemorate the day and that piece of clothing will always be tied to the fun memories you made that day.

Optional – a little basket of treats

This is entirely up to you…but sometimes it is sweet for them to receive a little gift. Nothing extravagent, but perhaps some stickers or a little book. Its your call if you want to give them more sugar! *wink*

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