Wood Watches – An Elegant Timepiece

Jord Watch wood watch

There is something about wearing a beautiful timepiece that speaks refreshment into your day. That in the rush of your schedule, you can look down on your wrist to tell the time but also in the same moment, you get to experience the symmetry of crafted wood and metal.  It’s a moment of beauty presented in the chaos of daily life.

I was first introduced to Jord (pronounced Yode) watches recently, when I saw a friend wearing one. I have always been a lover of watches and gravitated towards anything that had the look of precious metal and diamonds. But I was struck by how refined and chic her watch was. I hadn’t realized that you could create something so elegant from wood.

wood watch jord watch

So, I scoured the Jord website and found the Cassia watch in zebra wood and ivory with its large face, iconic roman numerals, and pops of gold. It was a fusion of all the elements I loved and so I styled it in my mind. It could be worn with an edgy all black look or with soft ruffles and bright whites. Its versatility was inspiring.

The watches by Jord are crafted in St. Louis, Missouri where they have on trend designs for him and her. My husband has his eye on the Meridian watch for himself! They can also size the watch for you if you send in your wrist size in centimeters which will save you the hassle and financial burden of having to do that after you receive it. The back of the watch is engraveable which makes it the perfect gift when celebrating an occasion. There are even customizable options such as mixing up faces and woods. And every watch comes with a one year warranty with free worldwide shipping.

jord watch wood watch

I am very excited that I got to partner with Jord to bring you this review and to present a giveaway opportunity for you to experience the watch for yourself! The winner will receive a $100 gift code toward any watch in the Jord collection. All you have to do to enter is follow the link below. Everyone who enters will receive a discount code just for trying! Which watch will you choose?

Enter here: www.jordwatches.com/g/pursuingthebeautiful

Wooden Wrist Watch

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