When Shoes Aren’t Just Shoes Anymore

leopard pumps leopard heels

“I’m just a mom,” I muttered under my breath in resignation. I held the beautiful leopard heels in my hands and rehearsed all at the reasons why I shouldn’t own them. We had come to Saks Off Fifth so that I could look for some basic flats. Something practical. Something affordable. Something I could wear with everything. But what I found instead were four inch leopard heels that were out of my budget and felt out of my reach.

Before kids, before being a stay at home mom, before I had left my career, then may be these shoes would have been the right match.

“I’m just a mom,” I repeated again. I wear a lot of yoga pants. I chase a toddler. I need something practical. I felt another piece of myself slip away as I put the shoes back on the rack.

leopard pumps leopard heels leopard shoes

Isn’t it so easy to lose yourself in being a mom. The hours are 24/7…you forget that you are a woman with interests, passions and dreams that have nothing to do with kids.

I stared at the shoes. I saw myself wearing them and accessorized the outfit in my mind. I could wear them for a date night, or at a happy hour with girl friends. It would be fabulous! I would be fabulous! I felt like my old self again…the shoes weren’t just shoes anymore, they were a portal to reminding me who I was.

leopard shoes heels pumps

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I bought them…it felt indulgent in the moment, to be honest. But I think, in the end, it was a sweet thing to do for myself. They were more than just shoes, they were a chance to remember who I was outside of motherhood.

There are a massive number of sacrifices that you get to make everyday and its very easy for who you are to get lost. Its a good thing to cast off the “I’m just a mom” mentality and lean into an opportunity to remember that you are more than just a mom.

And when was the last time I had a happy hour with my girlfriends? I actually can’t remember. But now I have another reason to get the gang together!

The shoes have sold out on the Saks Fifth Avenue website, but there are some that are very similar at Nordstrom here. (affiliate link)

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