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The Two Week Wait

The two weeks that follow ovulation are affectionately referred to as the “two week wait.” Because for about 14 days, there really isn’t anything to do but wait and see if the egg was fertilized and if there was successful implantation and if there is enough hormone support to keep things going. Or maybe none of that happened and this just isn’t the cycle. But you don’t get to know the outcome until after two weeks.

We are in the last few days of the two week wait. This is the time where I would obsessively start taking pregnancy tests and hope to see two lines. But because we are using hCG injections as part of our treatment plan (you can read about that here), I have to wait for blood work to determine if there is a pregnancy and hopefully my body is producing more hCG than it has already been given.

I have mostly been trying not to think about it…trying not to think about the waiting. But it spills out in compulsive cleaning and furiously weeding the garden. And while I’m spending a lot of time diverting my thoughts, the unknown outcome still hangs over me. If the blood work is negative for pregnancy, there will be a deep sigh of disappointment. And if it’s positive, there will be a fight to not let fear take over…because pregnancy after miscarriage comes with it’s own emotional baggage.

I go in for the blood test in two days. And we shall see.

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