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I received this lovely subscription box by the Detox Market from a dear friend. She knew that I was on a quest to clean up my beauty routine and detox my makeup bag, so she sent me this as a gift to help me along my journey. It was such a joy to open the box and it was a relief to see so many products that had clean ingredients.

The Detox Box is a monthly subscription box that has either makeup or skincare and it is a great way to be introduced to clean beauty brands at a low risk price. I had never heard of W3ll People, the brand in the March Detox Box, but they made a great first impression!

This box came with 7 items and each one was full sized. Let’s dive into each product.

Expressionist Liquid Liner – This liquid liner comes in a small container, which I actually prefer, because it feels like the smaller size gives me more control over the wand when I’m applying. It has a felt tip applicator and the formula is smooth and dries immediately. I only use liquid liner on the top part of my eye, but after a full day of wearing it, I have had no smearing or smudging.

Bio Brightener Invisible Powder – This translucent powder comes in a no-mess container that has a sliding lid so that you don’t get powder everywhere the next time you open it. The powder is truly invisible and did not oxidize on my skin or react with my foundation. I love how it long it has lasted during the day.

Bio Bronzer Baked Powder – The bronzer is quite dark, but I was fine with that. With a good brush, you can blend out the color if you put on too much. I used it to warm up the contours of my face and down into my neck area. It is perfect for spring and summer as I get more sun on my skin.

Expressionist Mascara – I have never had a mascara that has gotten my lower lashes with so much ease. Usually, getting my lower lashes turns into a mess, so I don’t even bother most times. But the nylon brush creates definition and separates the lashes out with no problems. With a couple of applications, you can create more volume. Over the course of wearing it for a full day of mom life, I had no fall out, broken lashes, or smudging when I had watery eyes.

Nudist Eyeshadow – This shadow has a bit of luster to it, which is a nice departure from all the flat colors I’ve been wearing lately. The color is pretty saturated and the fall out is minimal. Its a beautiful shadow.

Optimist Lipstick – This rose pink lip stick has a matte finish without the dry down. The application is smooth and it stays smooth. The color is a little lighter once you put it on, but I kind of like that because you can play with lip liners to get your desired effect.

Overall, I was wildly impressed with the subscription box and with the featured brand. The value for the money and the quality of the products has me excited for next month’s box!

To subscribe to the monthly Detox Market Box, click here.

To see the full range of products from W3ll People, click here.

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clean beauty detox market

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