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Vintage prints have made a remarkable comeback in the world of art and interior design because they are cost effective and add effortless charm to a space. But there are some important considerations in how you print your downloaded file.

Resolution Size: 

Resolution is a critical factor when it comes to printing vintage art. A higher resolution file ensures that your printed artwork will maintain its sharpness and detail, even when blown up to larger sizes. In curating this free downloadable collection, I have made every effort to provide the highest resolution possible, but bear in mind that not every download is meant to be blown up to an oversize print. I try to keep in mind the size of the original art piece when considering a printing size. 

Canvas or Giclee Printing?

When it comes to printing vintage art, the two popular options are canvas printing and giclee printing. Each has unique characteristics, so consider the following factors to help you make the right choice. 

Canvas printing is ideal for creating a timeless appearance. The canvas adds texture and depth to the print, which mimics the look of traditional paintings. The canvas material is durable and can withstand handling. I suggest this option for vintage art that was originally painted in oils or has a lot of paint texture to it.

Giclee printing is synonymous with high-quality, museum-grade reproduction and offers exceptional color accuracy and detail preservation. Giclee prints are typically produced on archival paper, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Where to Get Your Vintage Prints Printed

I always like to support local business when I can, so look around in your area for a fine art printer. But if that is not an option for you, here are some websites that offer easy online printing! Some of these links are affiliate links and I may earn a commission on eligible purchases at no extra cost to you! 


Easy Canvas Prints

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