Ending Survival Mode

campaign desk blue

It’s been a hard couple of days here. Because life goes on…bills need to be paid, groceries need to bought, the house needs to be cleaned. The grief doesn’t stop, but there is a time to end being in survival mode and to start picking up the pieces of life’s routine.

So I cried on my way to my workout class. I was angry when I cleaned the house. I was overwhelmed when I bought groceries, I was sad when I made the budget.

And so grief co-exists with life’s routine…but this is where the healing really begins. Because participating in these daily tasks is self care and it flies in the face of despair and says “I will fully grieve, but I will also put one foot in front of the other and move forward.”

So, I’ll sit at my desk. And let the wave of sadness wash over me. Then I’ll do the next task in front of me. This is what it means to end survival mode and to start living again.

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