Meet Mariesha

The daughter of a military man, I grew up overseas with the culture of Europe getting deep in my soul. I became accustomed to being constantly surrounded by epic cities with their cobblestone streets and rich histories and we lived mostly in the countryside, with its wide stretches of green farmland for aspect. It was such an idyllic way to grow up and shaped my imagination in a profound way. 

After an adventurous career, I am now settled in the Denver suburbs with my husband and our two precious children as a stay at home mom. After dealing with deep postpartum depression and anxiety, I decided to reconnect with the things that had enriched me and brought me joy. 

This website was launched as a creative space to share about those elements of culture that make our lives beautiful. 

Roger Scruton famously said that “beauty is vanishing from our world because we live as though it did not matter.” 

But beauty does matter because it transcends chaos to create order and bring refreshment to the soul. Living in a society that is so devoid of beauty, we are compelled to seek it out and restore it back into the flow of our lives. Whether it is admiring the high arts or delighting in the simplicity of home, I am pursuing the beautiful and I’m so glad that you are here!