Goals for 2019

Every year, my husband and I vision cast for the new year. It has been so helpful to plot out our long term goals and then identify how we are going to get there over the course of this year. They aren’t new years resolutions, per se, but I think it takes some resolve to carry these things out. So, I thought I would share our family goals and also my personal goals for 2019!

Family Goals

  1. Get savings account to $15,000. We are big believers in having 3-6 months of expenses in a savings account. But, we have had medical and life situations come up that have slowly chipped away at our savings account. So, we would like to get that back up to $15k.
  2. Save for the family car replacement. We like to pay cash for our vehicles, so we have planned to take 2 years to save up for our next car. This year, we would like to save $9k.
  3. Continue to pay extra on our mortgage. We have a 30 year mortgage on our house, but we are paying extra on it so we can get it paid off in 15 years!
  4. Create a will. I can’t believe we have waited this long to do it. Bless us.
  5. We would like to grow our family and have a baby! We aren’t sure what this journey will look like, but we finally feel like we have enough emotional margin to go down this road.
  6. 2 date nights a month! We won’t be able to do two extravagant date nights, so we will have to get creative about this!
  7. More community. With DJ working nights and having random days off, it is hard to connect with people. But we just have to be intentional about it and make it work.

Family Word for the Year

Growth. We want to grow our finances, grow our careers, grow our family, grow our marriage, and grow our community.

Personal Goals

This is the thing about me…I tend to be all in or all out. I am either doing Whole30 or I’m eating the plate of cookies. Moderation is really hard for me. So…when I set up my goals for the year, I had to construct them in moderation. They needed to be achievable.

  1. Read 15 minutes a day. I miss reading…and this seemed doable. I can find 15 minutes at any point in the day and read.
  2. Stick to my macros. I finally found a nutrition program that works for me. But I need to be consistent. Have cheat days on birthdays, holidays and vacation…but stick to the macros on all the other days!
  3. Consistent with my fitness. I found a workout program that is perfect for me. I just have to show up and the coaches tell me what to do! I would like to go 3 times a week.

My Word for the Year

Consistency. I am great with setting out to do something. I am great at starting. But seeing it through…that is the hard part. I need consistency in my self care, in my reading habits, in my relationship with food, and in my physical fitness.

I know that if I lean into this theme, it will be a really successful year!

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    January 4, 2019 at 8:40 am

    So good, so intentional and well thought out. It is motivating to read through your family and individual goals! Thanks for sharing. ❤️

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